Zoe (the bully)



Middle name:



Unknown, probably same as Zoe MacPherson

First appearance:

September 25, 1997

First mentioned:

September 22, 1997

Last mentioned:

March 25, 1999

Zoe the bully was Zoe MacPherson's bully in preschool. Not much is known about her, except that her middle name is Jennifer.


Zoe the bully was first mentioned on September 22, 1997 as "the golden-haired girl" by Zoe. (click here to see the strip.) On her first apearence at September 25, 1997, she called Zoe's mom "stupid". (click here to see the strip) She was also in the next days strip, but she hasn't been seen since.

Zoe was afraid to go to preschool because of the Golden-haired-girl so Wanda told her tell the teacher while Darryl told her to strike her causing Wanda to get angry at him.

Zoe could be suspended if she hit her.