"So what?! Shelby still sleeps with one of my bras. Whatever gets ya through the night."

Melinda Bitterman talking to the MacPhersons in Rodney moves in.

Shelby Bitterman is the great-grandson of Carl's grandfather, the son of Carl and Melinda and the youngest brother of both Rodney and Megan Bitterman. He has blond hair and big eyes. Shelby is the one with the angry face who doesn't speak in the show despite being four years old and he uses a baseball bat to destroy things, even though Melinda says it is okay. He is said to be attached to his baseball bat not ever letting it go, Melinda even says to Darryl that he won’t let go of the bat even to go to the bathroom.

Shelby Bitterman
Born : 8 years before Zoe.
Alignment : Bad, Destroying Things, Not saying words, Aggression with the bat.
Hobbies : Using the bat to kill people and destroying things.
Appears : Blond hair, angry face, bat,
Ancestors : WWII Veteran
Grandparents : Melinda's father
Parents :
Neighbors : The MacPhersons
Allies :
Nemesis :