Melinda's husky, big-muscled and overweight husband. A seemingly bum like man, Carl claims that he gives his kids strict discipline, even though he has lowered himself to their level many, many times, particularly Rodney, who pesters Carl until he takes aggressive action. Carl is usually envied by Darryl, for his mechanic skills and other things Darryl fails at. Carl can be rude and obnoxious at times, but considers himself the "man of the house". He usually involves his children in several activities, such as practicing to shoot arrows or riding in a hover car without seatbelts. He belittles Darryl's parenting skills, and self-confidence, either bluntly or through his children who have little respect for Darryl. Because of this, Carl and Darryl do not particularly get along, although Darryl has been talked into doing things he would not normally do, because of Carl's forceful insistence. He was like Rodney when he was young and he pestered too. He asks Bogart, Keesha, Hamish MacPherson, Wren MacPherson, and Cain and Abel to take aggressive action to their kids who pester them even Zoe and Rodney. His son Shelby is the one with the bat. Megan was the only girl.

Carl Bitterman
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Carl Bitterman


Melinda's father, deceased, mentioned in "Wanda Moves Up"


World War II veteran


Megan Bitterman


Rodney Bitterman and Shelby Bitterman