Darryl macpherson tv series

In 2000, "Baby Blues" was adapted into an animated cartoon series which aired on The WB Television Network for a few weeks in the summer, from July 28, 2000 to August 25, 2000. The animated version featured Darryl and Wanda raising the infant Zoe as their first child, as distinct from the comic strip's storyline at the time which showed Zoe as the older sister to Hammie. Mike O'Malley supplied the voice of Darryl while Julia Sweeney played Wanda.

The Baby Blues television series differed from the comic strip by focusing on Darryl and Wanda's relationship with the Bittermans, a neighbor family with three children (Rodney, Megan, and Shelby); Kenny, Darryl's co-worker; and Bizzy, the babysitter for Zoe. Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott had little creative control over the animated version.

The WB typically aired two episodes each week, thus enabling eight different episodes to be shown in the five-week run, but abandoned plans to air additional episodes which had been completed. Previously unaired episodes were later shown by the Cartoon Network in its Adult Swim block. Like fellow WB primetime animated series The Oblongs and Mission Hill, this show was cancelled after 13 episodes.

The Theme Song was "It's All Been Done" by the Barenaked Ladies.


  • Diedrich Bader (who voiced Kenny) and Nicole Sullivan (who voiced Bizzy) also appeared in the direct-to-video pilot movie "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins" and its TV series, voicing Warp Darkmatter and Mira Nova, respectively.
  • E.G. Daily and Kath Soucie also did primary voices in the children's cartoon "Rugrats", as Tommy Pickles and the DeVille Twins, respectively. In fact, this is Soucie's second TV voice-over role as two children of opposite genders, and Daily's second voice-over role as a baby, the first being "Rugrats" for both cases.